Antiques and Art in Indonesia

A very Rich cultural Heritage, 



Pinisi (site) leaving the harbour of Makassar, South Celebes  - renamed Ujung Pandang after 1971 - probably to the Jakarta Sumba Kelapa harbour. Pinisi used to transport almost everything between the islands.

With its well over 13'000 islands and over 300 ethnic groups, Indonesia has an incredibly rich past reflected in a great variety of  works of art and unique handicrafts. 

Over centuries the country has also been exposed, through its trade activities, to numerous foreign influences which have enriched its own rich culture.

The purpose of this site is to show what we discovered with great interest and pleasure in the 70's and 80's while living in Java.

These discoveries compelled us to constantly learn more about this exceptional country.

We are no collectors, but the pieces of art available were so plentiful and beautiful that often we could not resist purchasing some of them, just for the pleasure of being  able to admire or use them every day.

Boarding without formalities at Ternate Island Airport,                            and the Ternate peaceful daily market 

On the beautiful way from Manado  to nearby Bitung, 


From Ambon Airport to the City

Jakarta Sunda Kelapa harbour in 1972 with its huge number of Pinisi sailing boats boats (see)

Ambon City in the 70's

Nus Tenggara

Discovering  the country through

its Antiquities and Handicrafts 

Manado north Celebes in the 70's. Today's population is over 400.000

Indonesia Tempo Dulu = in the 70's

Starting in  the 70's Indonesia experienced an incredible economic development, Its population growing  from 114  in 1970 to 260 m. today. Except for the downtown Glodok district,  Jakarta was more of a collection of villages than a city. Today Indonesian cities are as modern, sophisticated and crowded as anywhere in the world but without loosing their human warmth.  Below a few pictures of these earlier times 

Antique Furniture



Between Yoyakarta and Solo on the "highway" crossing Java there was seldom a motor vehicle to be seen!