I. Made Budii : Dewi Sri pursued by a suitor.. Mythology Scene (site)

Mythology Scene by I. Made Budi, Batuan : Princess Dewi Sri pursued by a suitor.

Batuan traditional painter Nyoman Barak

Antiques and Art in Indonesia

A very Rich cultural Heritage, 

Paintings from Solo, signed L. Tjordag

Painting by Chantandjung, Bandung, dated 1978, acrilyc on canvass

Antique Bali traditional Temple Ceiling painting.

I. Made Budi, Batuan, Bali  : Suggestive gestures. 

Mythology Scene by I. Made Budi :  Dewi Sri, Antaboga dan Batar Guru, (site


Some paintings in the Keliki School Style and from other Young Artists

Wyan Radjin; Batuan : exotic  birds.

I. Made Budi  (b. 1932) in his house in Batuan, Bali, during our last visit in 2008 (We have been friends for 35 years). The beautifully intricate painting Leaving to the Sea  which he had found difficult to finish, was possibly his last large one. His declining sight made his work very difficult, he said.

Painting is very popular all over Indonesia. Some painters have gradually been able to live from the proceeds of their talent, but the vast majority do it either as a pastime or on addtion to working the land as a means to supplement their family income.  Due to tourism, some painting styles or schools are better known than others, for exemple Ubud, Batuan or Sanur in Bali or Yogykarta and Bandung in Java. However many smaller places have produced surprisingly talented (young) artists. One exemple is the small Keliki school which has brought out quite refreshing new styles (site). 

The traditional Batuan Style is often perceived as strange by the western eye. I. Made Budi was one of the first to include more colour, humorisic elements associated with tourism or topicality. Nowadays his talent has been recognised and his paintings are widely appreciated. He and Wayang Radjin were our favorite Batuan painters. 

Bali, Batuan painter Wayan Radjin: Christian  Nativity. Unusual and exceptional  painting (done by an Hinduist painter !) after having heard the nativity story, from an old Dutch friend who retired in Batuan, near his house.

Bali Painter I. Made Budi. Early Market

Javanese paintings 

Batuan Painter I. Made Budi, Leaving to the sea. (dim. 55 x 40 cm).

Two paintings by Dolit, Keliki

Bali painter I. Made Budi : Lucky catch